Services Catnip Games provides

If you need programming or modelling help on your game you’re in the right place.

We have worked on many projects in the past 10 years. As a team of a coder and an artist we have developed an understanding in how these integrate together.

Our enthusiasm for making good games and solving our creative and technical differences is one of the main things our company can provide. It doesn’t matter what you give us to do, there is a high likelihood we’ll dive into your game designs, look for the hidden gems, and build something according to specification.


Programming development

Through many years of experience, we make Unity do loop-de-loops and work with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality implementation. If you want neat maintainable code or quick and dirty prototypes, we are the people to ask. Among other things we have developed the engine for FortressCraft Evolved, big screen games for Projectorgames, VR for the Samsung Gear, AR for a theme park in Qatar.


If you want a nice 3D model fast, to specification, rigged and animated, we can deliver. Currently we are 3D generalists, which means we know all the nooks and cranies of our favorite tool: Blender.

Of course you’d rather look at the pretty pictures of things we made. If you see something starting a twinkle in your eyes feel free to contact us:

  • Sprites


  • lowpoly modeling


  • highpoly modeling


  • LODing



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