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Going to Gameforce to do Projectorgames

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gameforce logo
We’ll be going to Gameforce in Antwerpen 4 and 5 october. We’ll be running Projectorgames and of course promote Fortresscraft evolved.
Thanks to Thorworks for inviting us, and of course to the people at Gameforce for making it possible.

Long Time no post

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh boy,
it has been a long time between posts… lots of things happened.

First, we got a game out the door:

We’re still working on it, currently finalising early access. We’ll post about details on this game more often in the future

Let see, we’re dusting off Projectorgames for events:

We went to abunaicon this summer with Projectogames and had a blast as usual.

We ordered two DK2 oculus rift kits to make games and applications with, and are looking into partners that would like games or interactive Oculus experiences.

We’ll talk about these things more in detail the comming weeks. Lets just say we’re still in crunch-ish time for Fortresscraft evolved, and preparing for new projects.