When the shit hits the fan

One of the advantages of being an Indie developer is being able to work on what you want to work on, instead of what your boss or publisher tells you to. Unfortunately that also leads to unfinished projects, such as the lack of titles we’ve pushed out. Finishing up a title from a playable pre-alpha to an actual game is the perfect time to get distracted by a new pretty on the horizon.

Ofcourse, sometimes that pretty turns out to actually be very pretty indeed. Lately we’ve been helping Projectorgames with FortressCraft, the first chapter due to be released this month on XBLIG. FortressCraft has also gotten quite some media attention already, despite not being out yet. A lot of it has been hate and flames spewed by Minecraft fans who are outraged that we’re touching their precious game (Even though the standard response to criticism is ‘why don’t you go make your own game then?’ – Funny how that works).

But all that outrage has also brought FC to the attention of people who do have a level mind and are looking forward to its release, and that’s been very refreshing. I never really believedĀ in the phrase ‘Any PR is good PR’, but this experience has proven that it really does hold.

More information on http://www.fortresscraft.com

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