RPGM still alive (just hybernating)

We got some questions from Johannes about the status on RPGM, well the good news is, it’s still being developped, the bad news is, because we have lots of other projects it goes slowly.

But instead of yapping about it I could just give you some screenshots and some explanations, mmm’kay?


YOu have logged in RPGM


The display engine has been binned for a better one, the tiling has been reworked to look nicer (from hexes to round-ish), some vegetation has been rerendered, roads have been made, cities added (with tavern, keep…), dungeon entrances and ruins added, the city names now show up in nice colored ribbons, oh my!

Party Screen

Party Screen


The stats have been implemented, leveling and other shit-fu is working

 Fighting works!

Encounter a giant bunny!


And suddenly, rabbits!

Dungeons and taverns and other inside places



The interior settings now work, walking around a dungeon and the lot. The first quests have been completed.

Of course there are lots of other stuff big and small, just mentioning a few nice things:
– chat between players works (ish).
– we’ve had 1 generated world with only elephants and frogs surviving, thank you emergent behaviour for killing off the other 36 species in the world creation fase.
– the farther you go from civilisation, the bigger the critters get, and the more chance you have of an encounter

 There, that was a nice tour, see you next time! -Govert.

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