Summer project: RPGM


A game development project
during this summer holiday

RPGM – an online browsergame. Over the summer period from July up to September, we are forming a project to design and build a browser-game. In a project setting using professional development processes, we will work towards a playable goal at the beginning of September.

Key words:

  • Gameplay design
  • Multli-agent AI development with strategic planning
  • Emergent behaviour
  • Random procedural world generation

We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to help design and build this game over the summer. Programmers, artists and designers are more than welcome!

Interested? Visit the information gathering on Tuesday June 15th, 21:00 in the Drakenkelder, Bastille room 105, University of Twente. Or send us an email!

High quality poster here.

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