Startup Weekend

Catnip Games will be participating at to present a framework to build games in the fashion of community driven development.

Our current developer experience with FortressCraft and other projects is that really-really good game ideas and feedback often come from the community, and it would be practical to streamline community feedback in a system that benefits developers and community alike.

The basis of this (hopefully open) system is to give people the right to vote with their wallet during the whole lifetime of a game. This means they can choose which parts of the game to fund, and developers can directly see which parts the players would like to see in the game.

As this is still at the level of an idea, everything you see here is what we are going to do _unless_it_is_stupid.

In one sentence:

A System for community driven development and funding of games.

The targets are:

  • for the community to be able to fund a game during and after its development
  • to enable Developers to live off their work
  • a transparent system for people to voice their opinion about a game
  • a way to make games that can evolve continually instead of having to split them into “sequels” or other “addons”
  • having a content management system for games where everybody can contribute and access game elements

Thank you, have a nice weekend, I know I will 🙂

-Govert Combée aka Hoxolotl


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