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RPGM update: “it’s aliiiiive!”

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guessing a lot of people would like to see how it’s going here’s a screenshot:

First look at RPGM GUI

RPGM Alpha1

We’re working on implementing the combat and dungeon features. Lots of crazy stuff happening under the hood, but we’d rather show you what’s up and running.

Past week we tested our first fed-ex quest and chatting between players in taverns, also the dungeons GUI is now working.

The summer project went well, we had a whole team of people working on it and had great fun discussing and implementing. The project is now continuing on a “if you want and have time for it” basis, the team being busy with work and studying and thus having less time to dedicate to the game. But it’s not rare to have a few people coming to the offices at weekends to polish up code and implement features.

All in all we enjoyed making it, and we’ll be continuing development in our “free time”.